About Me

A person likes to try almost everything, but doesn’t have much patience, and has a very short attention period. A person who is kind, friendly, yet cruel to strangers. Does’t have many friend, very picky about friends, and a big snob. My face expression shows all when I dislike someone.

Single at the moment, enjoying the freedom, but lonely. Want to have a boyfriend for the past 3 years, but too lazy to play the games. Don’t like going out to meet new people, also afraid of meeting new people.

Like this blogging idea, able to write whatever I like and whenever I feel like it. Nothing here is very useful for most people, it’s just a way for me to remember what I have been doing.

I was born in Taiwan, a Taiwanese who cannot speak Taiwanese. Finished my senior high school (Year 12) in Taiwan, and was going to get my Bachelor Degree in Taiwan too. However, my mom thought the school I could get in was not good enough and it looked like a good idea for me to study aboard at that time. So, my parents spent loads of money to sent me to study in Australia.

I then spent nearly 5 years to finish a 3-year degree. I think I was like a bird that just got out the cage and enjoyed the freedom too much. I didn’t want to study, just wanted to have fun fun fun everyday. Hence, it took me longer than other people to finish the degree. At the end, I still managed to get a Pass grade and graduated from university.

Went back to Taiwan like most of the oversea students did at that time, found myself a job. Spent nearly 2 years in Taiwan, hated almost every thing there. I was too used to the lifestyle in Australia, could not adjust myself to fit into the lifestyle in Taiwan. I was scared of crowd (still am), could not keep up with others, and many other things. Then the Australia government changed its immigration policy. As long as an oversea student finishes the bachelor degree in Australia and has enough points, he/she can apply for Australia permanent residency.

As the policy was changed sometime I went back to Taiwan, so it didn’t apply to the degree I already obtained. I decided to come back to study for another degree, and then apply for PR, which I did and thanks to my parents. And not long ago, I was granted Australian citizenship.

This is only a small part of me, the part I don’t mind strangers knowing.