Pear and raspberry bread



Made pear and raspberry bread by following receipt from

Instead of using 1/2 cup of raspberry, I used 1 cup by accident. The bread stayed in the oven for nearly 2 hours, outside is crunchy, inside is still very gooey.

It tastes good, inside needs to be cooked bit more, bit difficult to bring to work for breakfast earn inside is still running.


It’s 6 pass 1 in the morning now, I can’t sleep because I’m sad. I don’t understand how someone could say “love you” to my face and yet still loves someone else. I know I did it before, I didn’t know what love was. I thought it was love, now I guess it wasn’t. This is too painful, I want to stop this pain, but I don’t have the will power to do so. Is there a way to forget someone just like that? Without any pain?

Winter skin routine


I’m a lazy person, I didn’t like to put cream on my skin because it takes time and I have to move my arms. However, a few years ago, I find my skin gets really dry during winter. Yes, Australia is a dry country. I spent a lot of time scratching and sometimes I scratched too hard and broke the skin :(

So I started slapping cream on my skin in winter. At the moment, after shower, I use one pump of the Vaseline cream, mix with 3 generous drops of Bio-Oil and rub on to one leg. After a short massage, I use the massage thing sort of brushing the leg. Then repeat the process for the other leg. Then do it again for both arms and body.

It really helps to stop the itch.


Trying to lose some of the fat I’m carrying for the past two years. Bought a voucher for some fat cavitation sessions, two sessions later, haven’t seen any result yet. Joined a gym near my place yesterday, and my arms are really sore today. Gosh, why is losing weight so difficult?

Saw this chubby woman at the gym yesterday, she was on the bicycle thing. She paddled hard, really hard. I watched her paddle and started to wonder how long she has been working out…