OMG, it’s October already! And I’m smoke free for three whole months!! I think, starting from July 1st, so it should be three months as at today.

It’s getting warmer and warmer these few days, looks like it’s going to be 33 degree for the next two days and then it’s be cool again.

Oh Yeah! The real estate agent of this place just told me that the owner has decided to sell this place. 50% chance I’ll have to move, depends on who the new owner will be. Someone who wants to live here? Or someone wants to invest in the property. I’m going to look around this Saturday, see if I can find another place to rent. The rental market in Sydney is really tough, not many people can afford to invest in Australia now. I’ve seen it a lot on the news, didn’t think it would actually happen to me. Oh well…

It’s the nail design I made for this week…

The pattern for this week

The pattern for this week